Why Dr. Crim?

Dr. Brittany Crim has helped hundreds of people achieve incredible physical transformations. From weight loss to figure sculpting to disease management, Dr. Crim utilizes the scientifically proven techniques to design the optimal nutrition and fitness plans for her clients. Her philosophy is an all-encompassing approach that focuses on changing behaviors, not just generic information.

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The Best and Least Expensive Medicine

Nutrient-rich foods and exercise can be the best and least expensive medicine. Dr. Brittany Crim can provide nutrition and exercise recommendations to assist you with treatment and prevention of many diseases and conditions. You can often reduce, or even eliminate, medication needs through a healthier lifestyle.

Ask your Guru for a detailed meal plan and grocery list. Your Guru is here to not only educate, but to help plan for what’s ahead in order to ensure your long-term success
Individual Counseling: Individual counseling provides a one-on-one, tailored nutrition program.
Group Sessions can be both interactive or lecture based, addressing theory or practice of areas of fitness / nutrition / weight loss.

As a firefighter, health and recovery are essential to my longevity in my career and Brittany understands that. In addition to changing my body composition, she has truly made me healthier and I could not be happier with the results.

Daniel T