Nutrition Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides a one-on-one, tailored nutrition program that will fit your specific goals and needs. Individual consultations include an evaluation of previous dietary intake and a personalized plan that maps out specifically what your diet will look like to achieve your personal goals. As fitness is a key component of your health, your current fitness regimen will be discussed and recommendations for change will be provided, as necessary. All nutrition and exercise information is based on the latest cutting-edge research and grounded in behavioral theories that are proven to improve life-long change.

Individual Counseling Services

Initial Consult (required for all new patients) During the initial consultation there will be a comprehensive evaluation of current and past nutrition and fitness habits, anthropometric measurements, and current and past medical history. We will then establish what your health goals are and begin development of a comprehensive plan to achieve them.
Typical initial consultation will last 45-75 minutes. $150

Follow-up Consult As you have established a plan at your initial consultation, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of that plan and update your goals as warranted. In addition, the nutrition world is vast and the knowledge that can be conveyed at an initial consult is often just the tip of the iceberg. For these reasons, follow-up consultations are available.
Typical follow-up consultation will last 20-45 minutes.  $90*

Monthly Nutrition Concierge Very often, accountability (or lack thereof) is the main reason we get “off track.” For this reason, we offer you our Nutrition Concierge Services. Once your nutrition and fitness plan has been established, Your Nutrition Guru will check in with you regularly to make sure your plan is working and help you through any little slips along the way. Your Monthly Nutrition Concierge Subscription provides a minimum of once-per-week feedback from Your Nutrition Guru. This feedback is typically made via email or phone-call. In addition to your weekly email feedback, Nutrition Concierge Subscriptions provide additional support that may include text message support, menu development, grocery list development, etc. Lastly, your Monthly Nutrition Concierge Subscription includes a follow-up consultation** at the end of the 4 weeks.

This check-in can be in-office or via some source of visual media (i.e. Skype or FaceTime). Your Nutrition Concierge is perfect for the person on the go that needs the regular reminder to put their health and wellness at the top of their priority list.
All Nutrition Concierge participants require an Initial Consult.

$225/month- Bulk purchasing specials are available. Please inquire if interested.
**Each follow-up must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the completion of the 4 week subscription

Medical Nutrition Therapy As a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Dr. Crim can provide medical nutrition therapy for a variety of diseases and conditions. Nutrition therapy for conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, failure to thrive, and metabolic syndrome are often covered by insurance (check with your provider for your coverage and eligibilty). Initial nutrition therapy consultation will include a comprehensive evaluation of relevant lab work, current nutrition practices, and a review of evidence based approaches to treating your condition or disease. Typical initial consultation will last 45-75 minutes. $150

Group Education

Single Session Come learn about nutrition in a small group setting. Choose from a variety of nutrition education classes offered including: Nutrition Basics, Nutrition for Exercise, Metabolism 101, Nutrition Fads: Fact or Fiction, Eating for a Healthy Heart, Diabetes Basics, Nutrition for Weight Loss, Nutrition While Aging, Building Healthy Nutrition Habits for You and Your Children, and Building an Exercise Routine. All classes present evidence-based information from the most cutting edge research. Enjoy individual attention as each class has a maximum capacity of 10 people. Please call for current offerings and schedule. Call for group rates.

Nutrition Packages

These packages provide multiple services bundled together at a discounted price.

Nutrition Transformation This is ideal for the individual that wants to see big changes in their physique. This package includes an initial consultation, one follow-up consultation, and two body composition DXA scans** (a $420 value) $375

Nutrition Plus This is ideal for the individual that knows that change does not happen overnight and that regular follow-up is necessary. This package includes an Initial consult plus 3 months of Nutrition Concierge Services (a $825 value) $775

Weight Loss Deluxe This is ideal for the individual that has a significant amount of weight to lose and has experienced unsuccessful weight loss attempts in the past. This package includes an initial consultation, three months of Nutrition Concierge Services, two body composition DXA scans, and resting metabolic rate test** (a $1,185 value) $1,000

**DXA Scans are the gold standard for body composition analysis. The DXA scan will provide us with information on exactly how many pounds of fat, muscle, and bone you have as well as where it is distributed throughout your body. Resting metabolic rate test is a method for identifying your metabolic rate (i.e. how many calories you burn).